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Richard E. Grant as Zander Rice in Logan (2017)

Who he is: Dr. Zander Rice

His power: Dr. Rice is a brilliant biologist and geneticist with an expertise in mutation; however, he has no superpowers of his own.


His story: The head of the Transigen project, Rice appears in Logan as a scientist seeking to clone children with DNA from prominent mutants, most notably Wolverine. Despite his successes—including the young Wolverine clone known as X-23—Rice eventually abandons the kids in favor of a mindlessly violent adult clone of Logan in his prime. Confronting Wolverine and the escaped kids, Rice reveals that he’s responsible for the slow extinction of the mutant race, lacing American food and drink with retroviruses that block X-gene mutations. His efforts are rewarded with a bullet to the head, courtesy of Wolverine.

Played by: Richard E. Grant

Currently, Zander Rice is: Dead, at least as far as 2029 is concerned.

Where will we see him next? The X-Men universe doesn’t lack for talented, psychopathic scientists willing to screw around with Logan’s DNA, so we probably won’t need to revisit Dr. Rice for some time.

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