Who she is: Yukio

Her power: Yukio is a clairvoyant who can foresee a person’s future death, but the premonitions aren’t exceptionally detailed. She’s also a skilled martial artist.


Her story: Yukio was an orphan digging through trash when Ichirō Yashida and his daughter, Mariko, found her on a factory visit in the south of Japan. Mariko had difficulty making friends, but she made an instant bond with Yukio, compelling Yashida to take her in as his adopted daughter. Years later, Yashida sends Yukio overseas to track down Logan and bring him to Japan at the start of The Wolverine, and when Yashida’s death sets off a dangerous chain of events, Yukio steps up to support Logan and save her constantly threatened adopted sister. Logan and Yukio’s friendship is cemented when they team up to save Mariko from her not-actually-dead grandfather and his serpentine accomplice, Viper, who Yukio kills by hanging in an elevator shaft. With Mariko saved and now the wealthiest woman in Japan, Yukio leaves her sister behind to continue her adventures with Wolverine, but within the span of two years, Logan is back with the X-Men, and Yukio is nowhere to be found.

Played by: Rila Fukushima

Currently, Yukio is: MIA. The timeline change of X-Men: Days Of Future Past wipes out Wolverine’s time in Japan, so Yukio’s current status in the XMU is a mystery.


Where will we see her next? Yukio didn’t turn up in Logan, but it’s always possible she’ll show up to hang out with whoever the new guy is that’ll be playing Wolverine.