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So, not technically X-24, but you get the idea.

Who he is: X-24

His power: X-24 has all the powers of Wolverine in his prime: an accelerated healing factor, animalistic instincts and senses, and three adamantium-covered claws on each hand.


His story: Hinted at long before he’s seen in Logan, X-24 is the ultimate goal of Zander Rice’s Transigen project: a fully-grown, adult clone of Wolverine who is entirely under the project’s control. Pursuing X-23 and his biological “father,” X-24 brutally murders Charles Xavier. Later, he battles against an aging Wolverine, fatally wounding his slower and weaker predecessor, before catching an adamantium bullet in the head courtesy of X-23.

Played by: Hugh Jackman and a bunch of CGI

Currently, X-24 is: In whatever hell they send evil clones to.

Where will we see him next? Given that he’s dead, and that Hugh Jackman is done playing claw-handed Canucks, probably never.

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