Dafne Keen as X-23 in Logan (2017)

Who she is: Laura, a.k.a. X-23

Her power: X-23 is a clone of Wolverine and possesses his healing factor, animalistic instincts, and adamantium-coated claws. Unlike her “father,” Laura only has two claws on each hand, not three, but she makes up for it with one on each foot.


Her story: Created by the Transigen project using DNA taken from Wolverine, 11-year-old Laura escapes and is placed in her “father’s” care by a rogue nurse in Logan. Traveling with Logan and Charles Xavier, Laura is pursued by Donald Pierce, Zander Rice, and X-24, a fully grown clone of Wolverine. When she and Logan are close to refuge with several other lab-grown mutant children, Wolverine is defeated and mortally wounded by X-24, but Laura shoots the murderous clone with an adamantium bullet, killing him. After burying her adopted and/or biological father, Laura leads a number of other mutant children over the Canadian border into safety.

Played by: Dafne Keen

Currently, X-23 is: Hopefully getting a chance to be a normal, non-murderous kid for a minute in a relatively safe place.


Where will we see her next? Who knows? A Logan sequel isn’t out of the question, but it would be hard for her to make her way into the main X-Men continuity. (Relatively, anyway; it’s not like her dad was averse to a little travel through time.)