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Benedict Wong as Wong in Doctor Strange

Who he is: Wong

His power: Same powers as other Masters Of The Mystic Arts, as well as moderate skills as a librarian. He also possesses the Wand Of Watoomb and enjoys listening to Beyoncé.


His story: Far from the manservant of the comics, Wong in Doctor Strange is a talented sorcerer in his own right, one of the most talented and dedicated students of the Ancient One. He’s the librarian at Kamar-Taj, and he inadvertently helped introduce Stephen Strange to some of the more advanced concepts that he wasn’t supposed to learn. When Kaecilius attempted to bring Dormammu out of the Dark Dimension, Wong helped Strange and Mordo fight them back and save the universe.

Played by: Benedict Wong

Currently, Wong is: Most likely hanging out at Kamar-Taj, watching over the Eye Of Agamotto.

Where will we see him next? Unknown, but probably in the eventual Doctor Strange sequel.

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