Who she is: Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Diana Prince, a.k.a. Princess Diana Of Themyscira

Her power: Wonder Woman possesses superstrength, relative invulnerability, relative immortality, an indestructible shield, indestructible bracelets, and a golden lasso that forces people to tell the truth.


Her story: The magically born daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons, Diana lived on the man-free island of Themyscira, as seen in Wonder Woman. There she learned to fight under the tutelage of Antiope, until Steve Trevor washed up on her beach in 1918, and his tales of battle convinced her to leave and join him in fighting World War I, as she suspected Ares, the god of war was behind it. She travels into Germany and kills General Ludendorff, only to learn that men alone are doing the fighting and killing. However, Ares appears and tries to talk her into killing humanity, but she kicks his ass instead. A photo she poses for then shows up in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. This photo revealed her superhuman abilities to Batman, whom she later rescued during the fight against Doomsday. After Superman gave his life in the battle, Wonder Woman and Batman agree to assemble a team of superheroes that can protect the world in the off chance that some greater threat ever comes.

Played by: Gal Gadot

Currently, Wonder Woman is: Working at the Louvre, and presumably occasionally hanging out with Batman, learning about other beings with superhuman abilities.

Where will we see her next? Justice League in November 2017.