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Photo: Clay Enos/ TM & DC Comics
Photo: Clay Enos/ TM & DC Comics

Release Date: June 2, 2017

The story: Wonder Woman is an origin story recounted via flashback by modern-day Diana Prince, and thus begins with Princess Diana living on the hidden all-women Amazon island of Themyscira, where they have resided (according to myth) for thousands of years, waiting in case the world of mankind needs protecting from Ares, the god of war. After WWI spy Steve Trevor accidentally finds the island—followed by a German regiment who storm the island and kill numerous women, including Diana’s warrior mentor Antiope—Diana decides Ares must be behind the war, and sets out to stop him. She accompanies Trevor back to Britain, where they put together a team and set out to stop the villainous German leader General Ludendorff (along with his evil scientist Dr. Poison), whom Diana suspects of being Ares in disguise. They travel past the war front (saving a village along the way), only to be confronted by the realization that Ludendorff is just a man, and men can be pretty awful. Ares arrives to convince Diana to join him in the eternal sport of eliminating humanity by pitting them against each other, and instead she beats him down. Steve Trevor also dies saving the land from a massive explosion, though, so he’s quite the hero, too, albeit a dead one.


Who appears:

Wonder Woman
Steve Trevor
Etta Candy
Queen Hippolyta

Noteworthy events: Diana learns from Ares that it’s not the sword she carries which is the “God Killer” foretold by legend, but rather Diana herself, meant to save the world from his treachery.

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