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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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And, just like that, we’ve reached the home stretch of Riverdale’s fourth season! With the COVID-19 pandemic halting production across the board, the show’s planned final three episodes have been shunted off to TV purgatory, and we’ve found ourselves at this chapter’s penultimate offering. While “Lynchian” intriguingly ups the ante on the long-percolating mystery of the voyeuristic VHS tapes, one can’t help but wonder: Is there any way next week’s season finale can possibly give us a satisfying conclusion? Regardless, our podcast Dial M For Maple is on hand to unspool the latest clues in this videotape whodunnit and deliver our post mortem on the “Barchie” that nearly was. Hosts Marah and Cameron dig through the episode’s hat tips to its titular director and wonder if anyone knows what an A/V Club even is anymore (beyond this very website, The A.V. Club, that is). Then, in The Blue & Gold, we check in on Kevin Keller’s trip to Katy Keene, recap Jordan “Sweet Pea” Connor’s efforts on Celebrity Drag Race, and preview Camila Mendes new Netflix thriller, Dangerous Lies.

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Marah Eakin is the Executive Producer of all A.V. Club Video And Podcasts. She is also a Cleveland native and heiress to the country's largest collection of antique and unique bedpans and urinals.

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