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Who he is: Weasel

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His power: He has none.

His story: Weasel appears in Deadpool as the bartender at Sister Margaret’s School For Wayward Girls, a popular bar for local ne’er-do-wells. He’s both a business associate and friend of Wade Wilson before he becomes the masked antihero Deadpool, and Weasel is responsible for Wade’s superhero name because of the “Dead Pool” he has set up in the bar, a game that takes bets on who will die when fights break out. Weasel bets on Wade in the Dead Pool a lot, and it looks like he’ll finally make bank when Wade is diagnosed with cancer, except Wade undergoes an experimental procedure that gives him healing superpowers. Weasel is Wade’s big cheerleader as he embarks on his mission to kill the man who tortured and disfigured him, and he functions as Wade’s sidekick until the action becomes too hot for him. He’s last seen in Blind Al’s apartment, eager to hunt down the 116 kilos of cocaine Deadpool has hidden and have themselves a party.


Played by: T.J. Miller

Currently, Weasel is: Tending bar at Sister Margaret’s, and definitely not betting on Wade in the Dead Pool because that’s a waste of money.


Where will we see him next? Weasel isn’t confirmed for Deadpool 2 yet, but chances are high that he’ll be back to keep hurling insults at his friend.

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