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The Wasp costume seen in Ant-Man

Who she is: Wasp, a.k.a Hope Pym

Her power: Hope will soon be the recipient of a suit similar to the one worn by Ant-Man that grants him size-altering abilities. However, the suit is outfitted with wings, meaning unlike Ant-Man, she should be able to fly, which is pretty cool.


Her story: Hope Van Dyne is introduced in Ant-Man as the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne who has an acrimonious relationship with her father. However, as a board member at Pym Technologies, when she learns that CEO Darren Cross is planning to develop a weaponized version of the suit to sell to the highest bidder, Hope joins forces with her father and Scott Lang to steal it, despite being hurt and angry that her father passed her over as the choice to wear the Ant-Man suit, citing a father’s fear. However, at the end of the film we learn Hank Pym has also designed a suit for his daughter—a suit possessing wings.

Played by: Evangeline Lilly

Currently, Wasp is: In California, likely with her father, and potentially still involved with Pym Technologies.

Where will we see her next? Ant-Man And The Wasp, coming July 6, 2018, though possibly also in Avengers: Infinity War, two months earlier.

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