Svetlana Khodchenkova as Viper in The Wolverine (2013)

Who she is: Viper

Her power: Viper is immune to all poisons, can biologically create poisons and antidotes that are passed through breath and saliva, and can shed her skin like a snake to heal wounds.


Her story: Viper is as brilliant as she is evil, and she chooses to use her incredible intelligence to screw Logan over again and again in The Wolverine. The movie doesn’t give much explanation as to why Viper helps Ichirō Yashida with his elaborate plot to steal Logan’s healing factor, but it’s safe to assume that she’s being paid an astronomical amount given Yashida’s wealth. The film also gives the impression that Viper just really enjoys the supervillain life, from the base-level sultry seduction to the more advanced challenges that stimulate her scientific mind. She creates a machine that turns off Wolverine’s healing factor and helps Yashida build an adamantium Silver Samurai battle suit, and given her massive talent in biochemistry and mechanical engineering, Viper could have pursued any number of career paths that wouldn’t end with her being hanged in an elevator shaft by Yukio, Wolverine’s young ninja sidekick.

Played by: Svetlana Khodchenkova

Currently, Viper is: The timeline change in X-Men: Days Of Future Past makes Viper’s current status a mystery, but Logan still saved Yashida in Nagasaki, so the man may still reach out to Viper to steal his savior’s healing ability decades later.


Where will we see her next? There are no plans for Viper to appear in any future X-Men projects, and hopefully she’s making smarter life choices in the new continuity.