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Who she is: Vanessa

Her power: She has none.

Her story: Vanessa is Deadpool’s resident “hot chick,” and while the details of her past are foggy, her first conversation with Wade Wilson hints at a history of abandonment and sexual abuse. She’s most likely joking when she tells Wade she was molested by her two uncles and slept in a dishwasher box, but maybe that actually did happen. She’s working as a prostitute when she meets Wade, and he pays her to go on a proper date with him before they bone. And then they bone and bone for a year. They fall in love, and Wade proposes to Vanessa just before he learns that he has terminal cancer; she tries to remain hopeful and get him to try various treatments, but he leaves her behind to undergo an experimental procedure that will cure him and give him superpowers in the process. Scarred by the successful procedure, Wade stalks Vanessa but is unable to reveal himself to her, and she’s kidnapped by Deadpool’s arch nemesis, Ajax, right when Wade decides to return to her life. Deadpool saves Vanessa from asphyxiation, and although she’s pissed off that he’s kept himself away all this time, that doesn’t diminish the joy she feels upon seeing him alive, even with the head-to-toe scarring. She’ll be happy to sit on his disfigured face after a brief adjustment period and a bunch of drinks, and that’s what really matters.


Played by: Morena Baccarin

Currently, Vanessa is: Back together with Wade Wilson, adjusting to his new look.

Where will we see her next? Vanessa isn’t confirmed for Deadpool 2 yet, but expect to see her there.

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