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Trish Walker

Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker in Marvel's Jessica Jones

Who she is: Patricia “Trish” Walker, former child star and current radio host.

Her power: No powers, but she’s pretty good at hosting a radio show and is trained in martial arts.


Her story: As a kid, Trish was the star of a TV series called It’s Patsy, but her abusive and controlling mother eventually drove her to drugs and a series of bad decisions. To try and repair her daughter’s image, Trish’s mom decided to adopt one of her classmates, a girl named Jessica Jones whose family died in a car accident. Though they didn’t get along at first, Trish and Jessica eventually became closer after Trish discovered that her new sister had superpowers, and the two bonded over Trish’s shitty mom.

The two eventually escaped the pull of Trish’s mother, with Trish becoming a popular radio host and Jessica becoming a cranky drunk in the modern-day timeline of Jessica Jones. Jealous of her powers, Trish tried to convince Jessica to become a superhero, but that inadvertently brought her to the attention of a man calling himself Kilgrave who used his mind-control powers to keep Jessica as his prisoner for an extended period of time. Trish and Jessica lost touch because of this, at least until Jessica approached Trish and asked for help taking down Kilgrave once and for all. After various botched schemes and missteps, they eventually managed to trap Kilgrave and attempted to get him to confess to his evil crimes, but he escaped and tried to make Trish kill herself. Thanks to some clever thinking, Jessica saved Trish, and they began working on a way to counteract Kilgrave’s powers.

Together, Trish and Jessica attacked Kilgrave, with Trish disguising herself as her friend so they could get close to Kilgrave. When they did, Jessica made her move and snapped the villain’s neck, finally ending his reign of abusive terror.

Played by: Rachael Taylor

Currently, Trish is: Hosting her radio show, possibly interviewing the big movers and shakers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Where will we see her next? Trish will reunite with Jessica and her new super-friends in The Defenders.

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