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Tony Stark falls into the Web Of Black Widow in this exclusive preview

All images: Marvel Comics

Natasha Romanoff’s history as an assassin for the Russian government gives creators a lot of opportunities to explore different chapters of her past in Black Widow comics, typically when an old enemy comes out of hiding to take her out. The cycle continues in the new Web Of Black Widow miniseries from writer Jody Houser, artist Stephen Mooney, colorist Tríona Farrell, and letter Cory Petit, which once again has Natasha reckoning with past sins.

Cover by Junggeon Yoon

What makes this new book stand out is the creative team, uniting Houser, whose work on Mother Panic honed her talent for writing a violent, tortured heroine, with Mooney and Farrell, an art team that delivered exceptional pulp-inspired action-adventure in Half Past Danger: Dead To Reichs. Mooney has developed a reputation for drawing thrilling espionage stories in Grayson and The Dead Hand, making him an especially strong fit for Marvel’s premier spy.

This exclusive preview of next week’s Web Of Black Widow #1 kicks off the story with glitz and glamour as Natasha tracks down her latest target at a charity event, running into her old Avengers teammate Tony Stark in the process. Mooney emphasizes elegance and sensuality as the two heroes come together on the dance floor, and Farrell’s creates an atmosphere of wealth with a warm golden hues.

This interaction calls back to Natasha’s very first appearance as a spy seducing Tony Stark, and as he recalls his first dance with Natasha, she recalls her first time in a ballet class, an activity she associates with painful memories. We’ve also included a previously released two-page spread that showcases Natasha in action, blending her dancer and fighter qualities as Mooney layers a sequence of small Natashas in motion on top of a larger image of her knocking out two guards. It’s a striking piece of art, taking advantage of the medium to depict action in a way you can’t in live action. 


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