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Samsung 64GB flash drive, $14


$14 is a great price for any 64GB flash drive, let alone one from Samsung with such a cool design.

VAVA MOOV 20 true wireless earbuds, $60 with code BUGORD4P


Inexpensive truly wireless headphones are finally starting to become a thing, and VAVA’s new MOOV 20s are $10 off today on Amazon with promo code BUGORD4P. Unlike AirPods, they’ll only last about 3 hours on a charge, and they don’t come with a wireless recharging case, but hey, not having a wire around your neck is worth something.

LectroFan, $35


If excessive noise (or utter silence) makes it difficult for you to doze off, this feature-packed white noise machine might be the key to a better night’s sleep.

LectroFan can pump out 10 white noise sounds and 10 fan sounds, all of which are generated dynamically, without any jarring looping. And this particular model also includes EU and U.K. plug adapters, so you can take it with you when you travel. Today’s $35 price tag is an all-time low, and $25 less than usual, but it’s only available today as part of an Amazon Gold Box deal.

Wool dryer ball 6-pack, $12 | 3-pack, $8


These dryer balls have an astounding 12,000 Amazon reviews at a 4.6 star average, and are unsurprisingly Amazon’s top-selling item in the fabric softener category. Like, good for them, but how does such a boring product get that much attention?

Anyway, you can get a half-dozen for $12, or $5 less than usual, or three for $8, about $3 off the usual price.

easyGopro toilet stool, $18


Sorry if this is indelicate, but we’re all pooping incorrectly. Originally popularized by Squatty Potty, a toilet stool can lift your legs into ideal bowel movement positioning, and you can get one from easyGopro for $18 today, or a few bucks less than the Squatty Potty.

Shredded memory foam pillow, $40-$46


Amazon’s been going all out on the pillow deals lately, and they’re back at it again with a highly rated shredded memory foam pillow for $40-$46, today only. Just note that while the product photo shows two pillows, you’ll only get one.

3-pack David Archy performance boxer briefs, $22


Our readers have bought tens of thousands of pairs of ExOfficio’s quick-drying mesh boxer briefs, but if their sky high cost (you’d be lucky to get a single pair for $15) has scared you off, here’s a budget-friendly alternative with great reviews.

David Archy’s performance mesh boxers use a nearly identical nylon/spandex ratio as ExOfficio (they say polyamide and Lycra to be fancy, but it’s the same thing), and Amazon reviewers say they compare very favorably. The biggest difference: Price. While supplies last, you can get three pairs for $22, about $4 less than usual.

Just note that the product page includes mesh, solid, and stripe models, but the mesh ones will be the best facsimile of ExOfficio.


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