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Who he is: Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father

His power: Surgical skills, fortune-having, inspiring a decades-long, nigh-maniacal crusade against crime. No superpowers.


His story: The heir to the massive Wayne fortune, and a de facto prince of Gotham City, Thomas Wayne devoted himself to his medical practice; to his wife, Martha; and to his son, Bruce. However, a routine trip to the theater—shown in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice—ended in tragedy when the family was confronted by a mugger in a nearby alley. Thomas was gunned down when he attacked the criminal in an attempt to save his wife and child, and was forced to watch as the man murdered his wife in turn. As Bruce fled the scene, his father’s final words were his mother’s name: “Martha.”

Played by: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Currently, Thomas Wayne is: Buried in the Wayne family cemetery, although Jeffrey Dean Morgan has hinted that he’d like to dip his toe into the alternate Flashpoint universe, where Bruce was killed in the alley and Thomas is Batman instead.

Where will we see him next? Anywhere Bruce Wayne needs a meaningful flashback to remind him why it is he does what he does. (Which probably means the untitled solo Batman project, although we wouldn’t rule out a Justice League cameo, too.)

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