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Serial’s first season might be over, but The Serial Serial isn’t. Just before holiday break, we posted our interview with Rabia Chaudry, the lawyer and Syed family friend who sparked Sarah Koenig’s interest in the case. Then, right around the holidays, Jay Wilds—Koenig’s great white Serial whale—gave his first interview, a three-parter with The Intercept. As intrepid Serial fans and exceptionally journalistic journalists, we knew we’d have to chat it up, and thus the seventh episode of The Serial Serial. This time around, Josh Modell and Marah Eakin are joined by ClickHole’s Anthony Easton, a fan of not only Serial but of good old-fashioned common sense in general.

We’ll be back with a few more episodes in the near future. We’ll post about them here, of course, but you can always subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and enable the direct delivery of the episodes right to your ears, brains, and phones.


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