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Who’d have thought that Punisher would fit right in to Thor’s fantasy world? Starting with the War Of The Realms crossover event, Frank Castle has been facing off against monsters from across the 10 realms, embarking on a cosmic mission to avenge the New Yorkers whose lives were impacted in the invasion. Written by Gerry Duggan with art by Juan Ferreyra and letterer Cory Petit, Punisher Kill Krew is one of the year’s most pleasant superhero surprises, offering a much lighter, more irreverent point of view than most Punisher stories.

Cover by Tony Moore and Dean White

Teaming Frank with Juggernaut, Black Knight, and Daredevil’s bestie, Foggy Nelson, Punisher Kill Krew puts an unlikely team at the center of an action comedy that moves across spectacular fantasy locales. It’s as gorgeous as it is ridiculous, and this is a book that has Foggy Nelson riding a flying goat through space to knock a meteor into a group of frost giants. This story is outrageous, and Ferreyra is clearly having a hell of a time bringing it to the page. His lushly textured and dynamically composed artwork is all the more impressive when you consider that he’s pencilling, inking, and coloring it all himself, and the scope of this miniseries showcases how well Ferreyra shifts between genres and imbue action sequences with personality.

Punisher Kill Krew ends with next week’s issue #5, and this exclusive preview gives Foggy his big moment to shine when his companions are all captured. The big spread at the end of this excerpt is brimming with pure joy as Foggy screams a corny one-liner before shooting his meteor missile, and the visuals enhance this feeling of exhilaration with dramatic lighting and camera angles. A small touch like Toothgrinder’s hoof breaking the panel border increases the forward motion, and once that momentum is established, Ferreyra switches to zoomed out side views that show this force gathering over distance. Every issue of Punisher Kill Krew has been full of wonderful moments like this, and hopefully this creative team will have the opportunity to let loose again in the future. 

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