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This Incoming! exclusive sets up Marvel’s biggest stories of 2020

All images: Marvel Comics

Marvel had a very impressive 2019 with the debut of Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men titles, an excellent summer event in War Of The Realms, and some really exciting, forward-thinking work on classic characters like Hulk and Daredevil, creating a very stable foundation to build on in the new decade. Next week’s Incoming! #1 gives readers a taste of what’s coming in 2020 with 17 short stories by the publisher’s top talent, setting up what’s to come for the biggest heroes in the Marvel Universe. This exclusive preview spotlights five of Incoming!’s stories, starting with Al Ewing, Humberto Ramos, and Edgar Delgado’s framing sequence featuring the Masked Rider, a pulp-inspired character introduced in Marvel Comics #1000. Ewing has the best track record of any writer at Marvel, and having him in a major architect role suggests very good things for the publisher’s future.

The Masked Rider reappears in Chip Zdarsky, Jorge Fornés, and Jordie Bellaire’s Daredevil story, which teases this exceptional art team’s return to the Daredevil ongoing next year. Eve L. Ewing and Kim Jacinto lay the groundwork for the upcoming Outlawed event that makes teenage superheroes illegal, establishing the generational ideological conflict that drives that story. Ed Brisson, Aaron Kuder, and Michael Garland contribute this preview’s most visually thrilling page, flipping the second panel upside down to create a sense of disorientation while also amplifying Ghost Rider speed. But the most exciting thing about this excerpt is the return of Sinister With The Cape, the flamboyant Mr. Sinister who stole the show in Jonathan Hickman, R. B. Silva, and Marte Gracia’s Powers Of X this year. He’s back to talk shit about humanity’s fear of the Krakoa mutant nation, and that cattiness typically leads to drastic action is response. This is just a small sample of what’s to come in Incoming!, and you can grab the one-shot on Christmas Day to see what’s in store for Marvel Comics in 2020.


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