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There are very few superhero comics with the cool factor of Far Sector, a sleek, sexy, and sophisticated sci-fi story that reinvigorates the Green Lantern concept. Written by N.K. Jemisin with art by Jamal Campbell and letterer Deron Bennett, Far Sector is all about the new, introducing a new Green Lantern and taking her to an alien world where the citizens’ emotions have been stripped away to put an end to war. Sojourner “Jo” Mullein is the latest recruit of the Green Lantern Corps, and she’s been tasked with investigating City Enduring’s first murder in over 500 years, giving readers a cosmic crime procedural that is considerably more grounded than most Green Lantern stories. Jemesin has created a very compelling lead in Jo while building a rich alien culture, and Campbell’s artwork elevates the story with striking designs, vibrant colors, and cleanly detailed linework full of energy.

This exclusive preview of next week’s Far Sector #3 showcases the political and philosophical depth of Jemesin’s story, which explores the complicated power dynamics of a planet built on conquest and a people that haven’t reckoned with their past. Campbell does phenomenal work with big sweeping action sequences, but his art is emotionally engaging because of the specificity of his characterizations. The tension between Jo and Councilor Marth is heightened by how well Campbell captures Marth’s seductive swagger and Jo’s prickly dismissal of his advances. The palette of pink, green, and purple gives the scene a very dreamy vibe, appropriate given that Marsh is in the midst of a drug trip that unlocks his emotions. This is a gorgeous book, and Jemesin’s story gives Campbell the opportunity to show off the full range of his talent.


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