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All images: Boom! Studios

For the past 4 years, Boom! Studios’ Giant Days has consistently been one of the very best comics published every single month. The tale of three young British women during their three years at university, Giant Days tells heartfelt, hilarious stories about everyday struggles, amplified to new levels of intensity thanks to the core creative team of writer John Allison, artist Max Sarin, colorist Whitney Cogar, and letterer Jim Campbell. But the university experience has to end one day, and that day comes in October with the release of Giants Days: As Time Goes By, an oversized finale one-shot that checks in with the characters 14 months after they’ve graduated to reveal the next phase of their adult lives. We have an exclusive look at the covers for the final issue, spotlighting the book’s delightful cast of characters with expressive photographs.


That cast is what makes Giant Days so special, and the creative team builds up an ensemble that you wanted to spend as much time with as possible. Max Sarin is the ideal artist to depict the heightened personalities Allison writes, with slick, extremely animated linework that made the electric banter even more energetic. These photographs highlight how much expression Sarin packs into simple headshots, and hopefully Sarin and Allison stick together as a creative partnership because their styles meld so well together. Below you can also find a preview of this week’s Giant Days #52, which takes Esther to London to reunite with her old friend, Shelley Winters, the character at the heart of Allison’s Tackleford universe. Everything is coming full circle as the series approaches its end, and given this book’s phenomenal track record, readers should expect a silly, sunny, and unexpectedly poignant conclusion.

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