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The Serial Serial is back and heading to S-Town

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After more than a year off the podcast airwaves, The A.V. Club’s podcast about a podcast, The Serial Serial, is back. While Serial itself hasn’t returned, the people who make Serial and This American Life have a new smash podcast, S-Town, that we decided we just had to talk about.

So that’s what we’re doing. Every week for the next seven weeks, we’ll be talking about an episode of S-Town. This week, we crammed Josh Modell, Laura M. Browning, producer Stephen Holliger, and myself into a tiny, hot room to talk about S-Town’s first episode, in which we meet John B. McLemore and start wondering about what went down in Woodstock, Alabama.

As binge-friendly S-Town listeners know, the show’s going to take a few twists in upcoming weeks, so you might want to subscribe to The Serial Serial to keep things fresh. We’re available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, and iHeart, and you can email us your thoughts and comments at serialserial@avclub.com. We’re also taking questions (finally!) there via voice message or email, and you can also tweet to us using #SerialSerial.

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