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All images: DC Comics

Wonder Comics’ Dial H For Hero is a roller coaster ride through comic-book history, using a magic phone dial to pull stylistic influences from the past as characters transform into different superheroes. Written by Sam Humphries with astounding art by Joe Quinones, colorist Jordan Gibson, and letterer Dave Sharpe, Dial H For Hero pays tribute to the creators who have advanced the medium in all respects, going beyond superheroes to acknowledge the pioneers of indie and international comics. It highlights the vast creative opportunities of graphic storytelling, and the creators’ knowledge and passion elevates the miniseries to make it a stand-out title in DC’s roster. There are only two more issues of Dial H For Hero left, and the book is diving deep into DC Comics mythology and aesthetics as it approaches the finale, taking cues from the Jack Kirby’s New Gods and the ’90s “Reign Of The Supermen” story.

Frustration and betrayal have led young Miguel Miguel to tap into the dangerous power of the Y-Dial, replicating and transforming himself into four different heroes inspired by Superman’s replacements after his death in the ’90s. This exclusive preview of next week’s Dial H For Hero #11 takes readers to the hell planet of Apokolips, where the Supermiguels unleash their might on Jack Kirby’s celestial beings. These pages highlight how every visual element of a comic informs the tone and atmosphere. Quinones uses loose linework and subdued compositions for the opening flashback, grounding the scene before the narrative jumps to the explosive cosmic action on Apokolips. The compositions, coloring, and lettering all become more dramatic, and the greatest thrill of this series is seeing the specificity of these homages and the clever ways the creative team uses these stylistic shifts to push the story forward.


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