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The Legion Of Superheroes fights for an ancient weapon in this exclusive

All images: DC Comics

DC has had difficulty making the 31st Century’s Legion of Superheroes a successful property over the years, but the curse may have been broken with the team’s latest ongoing series. Featuring the all-star creative team of writer Brian Michael Bendis, artist Ryan Sook, inker Wade Von Grawbadger, colorist Jordie Bellaire, and letterer Dave Sharpe, this series gives readers an exciting introduction to DC’s future by following Jonathan “Superboy” Kent as he leaves the present to join the Legion. Sook’s sleek redesigns modernize the Legion’s aesthetic, and Bendis racebends various characters so that this team of aliens doesn’t just look like a bunch of white people.

Variant by Jim Cheung and Tomeu Morey

The Legion is a vital part of Bendis’ long-term plans at DC—check out last week’s Big Issues for more on the major events unfolding in Bendis’ books—and this series understands that what makes the team so cool is having characters from all across the galaxy with their own distinct looks, powers, and cultures. It helps that this art team is delivering some of the finest visuals in superhero comics right now. This exclusive preview of this week’s Legion Of Superheroes #2 throws readers in the middle of a chaotic battle between the Legion and the Horraz, lobster-like aliens that have stolen Aquaman’s trident. This excerpt is stunning, showcasing the impeccable clarity and exhilarating spectacle of the team’s work.

The recap pages speak directly to the reader like they are the team’s latest member, creating a sense of intimacy with the Legionnaire who gets a close-up spotlight. After the recap, it’s straight into the action, starting with a two-page spread that really emphasizes the cool factor of these heroes in action. There is a lot happening on this page, and the level of detail doesn’t come at the expense of dynamic energy. It’s a spread that forces you to slow down and focus on each different part of the action. Unfortunately, Legion Of Superheroes has already been hit by delays because Sook is not the fastest artist, but the addition of Travis Moore as a future fill-in artist should get the book back on track while maintaining the sharpness and personality of Sook’s lines.

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