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The Legion Of Superheroes arrives in this Superman #15 exclusive

All images: DC Comics

DC Comics’ revival of the Legion of Superheroes kicked off last month with the first appearance of the new Legion in Superman #14, sending the future heroes back in time to witness the creation of the United Planets at the core of their 31st Century superhero team. That idea comes courtesy of Jonathan “Superboy” Kent, and the Legion arrives with a proposition for Superman’s teenage son. Following the conclusion of the Rogol Zaar storyline, Brian Michael Bendis and Ivan Reis embark on the next phase of their Superman title, continuing to lean into the cosmic aspect of the character by bringing in the Legion. Joined by inkers Oclair Albert and Joe Prado, colorist Alex Sinclair, and letterer Dave Sharpe, Bendis and Reis give the new Legion an enthusiastic welcome while reinforcing the intergalactic prominence of Superman and his family, which only increases over the next millennium.

This exclusive preview of this week’s Superman #15 shuts the door on Rogol Zaar (for now) with a silent opening splash page of the supervillain in his prison cell, his defeated position a strong contrast to the powerful posture he’s held throughout this run. As mentioned in last week’s Event Leviathan preview, Bendis books make strong use of two-page panel layouts, and in this excerpt the creative team uses half of the layout to emphasize Superman’s resentment for his enemy, establishing an emotional groundwork on which to build Superman and Adam Strange’s conversation. From there, it jumps to a two-page spread of the Legion, an image bursting with excitement as the art team spotlights the optimistic energy of the young heroes. The wide range of character types plus Ryan Sook’s slick new costume designs makes for a compelling assembly of heroes, and Superman #15 is a very effective teaser for the Legion Of Superheroes ongoing debuting in November.


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