Jared Leto as The Joker in Suicide Squad (2016)

Who he is: The Joker

His power: No superpowers, per se, though making incredibly bad tattoo choices over and over is kind of a power.


His story: The Joker isn’t given a backstory in Suicide Squad. He’s first shown confined to Arkham Asylum, where Dr. Harleen Quinzel falls in love with him over the course of his therapy sessions, eventually letting him perform brain surgery on her and sending her into (presumably) the same vat of chemicals that turned his own skin white. They become reigning lords of Gotham’s underworld, before Harley Quinn is captured. Throughout the movie, Joker is hunting for his love and puts together a plan to break her out of the indentured servitude to Amanda Waller’s team. However, during the escape, the helicopter carrying Joker is shot down, leading Quinn to believe he’s dead. At movie’s end, though, he arrives at her prison and busts her out. It’s not much screen time, which made some Joker diehards very sad, but then again, his castmates were probably relieved he wasn’t around too much.

Played by: Jared Leto

Currently, The Joker is: At large, with Harley Quinn at his side.

Where will we see him next? Unknown, though either the solo Harley Quinn movie or the next Batman film are a (remote) possibility.