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Teti’s mom tells us why she can’t stand Nathan For You

In Mom On Pop, Bonney Teti—mother of A.V. Club senior editor John Teti—shares her unfiltered thoughts on the pop culture of the day.

If you’ve been reading my Nathan For You reviews, then you’ve seen that my passion and admiration for the show run deep. Nathan Fielder’s outlandish schemes to “rescue” small businesses not only produce a steady stream of hilarious awkwardness; they also provide startling, strange, and sometimes even uplifting glimpses into human nature. But I wondered whether this conceptual humor, with its socially inept host, would resonate with Mom. Unless you have a highly specific blindness that prevents you from reading headlines, you already know how that turned out. But listen to the podcast to hear why she’s not a fan (although she’s still keeping an open mind).


In this installment of Mom On Pop, we also talk about Poking A Dead Frog, Mike Sacks’ book of interviews with accomplished comedy writers. That conversation spirals off into digressions about the charm of the dialogue in old-time radio shows and the questionable wardrobe choices on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, among other things.

Plus, there’s an update on the post office vendetta that was the cause of so much angst a month ago—it’s a surprising new twist in the parcel-based psychodrama that has gripped the nation!

Oh, and good news, everyone! Mom On Pop is now available on iTunes for you Apple types, and there’s a podcast RSS feed if you want to subscribe to the show in other apps. Never miss an episode! NEVER.


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