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Teti loses movie-picking privileges after making his mom endure Interstellar

In the Mom On Pop podcast, Bonney Teti—mother of A.V. Club senior editor John Teti—shares her unfiltered thoughts on the pop culture of the day.

For this edition of the podcast, Mom went to the theater and sat through the 169-minute Interstellar, an experience that left her eager to vent her spleen for the listeners. (NOTE: We discuss major plot details of Interstellar, including the final scene, during the stretch from 19:30 to 24:30.) CBS’ The McCarthys didn’t fare much better in Mom’s eyes, as she has soured on the new sitcom after seeing some initial promise.


We also congratulate Lairdja, who was randomly selected as the winner of our latest contest, in which listeners tweeted Mom with the most revolting dishes they’ve ever seen on the Thanksgiving table:

@moxienh @johnteti Grossest thanksgiving food: parsnip mashed potatoes. Looks identical to mashed potatoes. Taste - not so much.

— Lairdja (@Lairdja) November 11, 2014

Sounds awful, Lairdja! But now you’ll have some gummy butterflies, maple sugar candy, and other goodies to cleanse your palate.

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