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Take a trip through superhero history in this Dial H For Hero #3 exclusive

All images: DC Comics

Dial H For Hero is one of the most flexible DC superhero concepts, giving creators the opportunity to explore different facets of the genre through a mysterious rotary phone that transforms people into costumed crusaders when they dial “H-E-R-O”. The property has gone through multiple iterations throughout the years, and in the new Dial H For Hero miniseries for DC’s Wonder Comics imprint, writer Sam Humphries and artist Joe Quinones use the H-dial to drastically change their storytelling by evoking specific comic-book touchstones. The first issue brought a blast of X-treme ’90s energy when teenage daredevil Miguel used the H-dial, and the second issue ventured into manga territory as it introduced a Dragon Ball-inspired superhero. These shifts make the book a spotlight for the versatility of its creative team, which includes colorist Jordan Gibson and letterer Dave Sharpe adapting their work to match these cultural references.


This exclusive preview of next week’s Dial H For Hero #3 opens with a flashback to the original wielder of the H-dial, Robby Reed, taking readers to the simplicity of the Silver Age at the start of a chapter that eventually ventures into the experimental, anti-establishment superheroes of the late ’80s and early ’90s. This issue also features guest artist Arist Deyn drawing flashbacks to Summer’s past and her antagonistic relationship with her mother, marking the superhero comics debut of a creator who has wowed online audiences with gorgeous fanart. Deyn’s charismatic characterizations, rich linework, and vibrant coloring make her a great addition to this series, and the issue takes advantage of the stylistic contrast between Deyn and Quinones to heighten the tension as Summer’s past collides with her present. 

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