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Captain America: Civil War

Who he is: T’Chaka, a.k.a. King T’Chaka

His power: Though we never see it in flashback, T’Chaka was formerly Black Panther, before the suit and responsibility passed to his son, T’Challa. He was probably quite the badass in his day, is what we’re saying.


His story: T’Chaka only appears in Captain America: Civil War, where—as king of the nation of Wakanda—he travels to a United Nations meeting in Vienna to sign the Sokovia Accords, and be part of the group taking on oversight of the Avengers. However, he’s briefly referenced by Ulysses Klaue in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, when Klaue discusses the grudge he’s nursed against T’Chaka and his family. Though it’s not Klaue who detonates the bomb, T’Chaka is killed by an explosion during his speech, the result of Helmut Zemo’s machinations to provoke the rift within the Avengers.

Played by: John Kani

Currently, T’Chaka is: R.I.P.

Where will we see him next? Unless it’s in a flashback scene in Black Panther (due February 16, 2018), probably never again.

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