Henry Cavill as Superman, in Man Of Steel

Who he is: Superman, a.k.a. Clark Joseph Kent, a.k.a. Kal-El of Krypton

His power: Superman is a Kryptonian, capable of translating the energy of a yellow sun into powers like flight, invulnerability, heat vision, and superstrength.


His story: First seen in Man Of Steel, Kal-El is the son of Kryptonian scientists Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, who send their only child into space when the planet is on the verge of being destroyed. Crashing on Earth, Kal-El is found by Kansas farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent, who name the boy Clark and raise him as their son. As a teenager, Clark learns of his powers and extraterrestrial origins, but his father emphasizes the importance of keeping his abilities a secret. Several years later, that drive for secrecy leads to Jonathan’s death, when he refuses to allow Clark to expose himself to save him from a tornado. Grief-stricken, Clark wanders the Earth, searching for purpose, and eventually finds a Kryptonian scout ship carrying an A.I. replica of his birth father. He is followed by reporter Lois Lane, who discovers his secret when he saves her from the ship’s security systems.

Meanwhile, the renegade Kryptonian military leader General Zod, an old friend turned enemy of Kal-El’s father, arrives on Earth, seeking the Kryptonian genetic information Jor-El hid inside his son. The U.S. government forces Clark to give himself up to Zod, but he eventually escapes with Lois’ help. Now dubbed Superman for the Kryptonian “S” symbol on his chest, Clark wages a war against Zod’s followers, including Faora Hu-Ul. The general’s fighters are eventually driven back into the Phantom Zone, leaving behind a vengeful Zod, who pledges to exterminate humanity. After a massive fight that destroys large portions of Metropolis, Superman is forced to kill the general to end his rampage. Some time later, he is hired by the Daily Planet (as Clark Kent), now working alongside Lois and under Perry White.


When Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice opens, Superman is still adjusting to his place in the world, living with Lois, and struggling with a planet that views him with suspicion after the events of the battle with Zod. These worries are exacerbated by a dedicated campaign on the part of billionaire Lex Luthor, who seeks to goad Kent into a fight with Gotham’s resident vigilante, the Batman. Luthor eventually succeeds, when he kidnaps both Lois Lane and Martha Kent, using them as leverage to force Superman into fighting on his behalf. Faced with a kryptonite-tipped spear, Clark almost dies before managing to convince Batman to break off the assault. The two team up (along with Wonder Woman) to fight off Luthor’s creation, Doomsday. The trio manages to win the day, but not before a final blow from the monster leaves Superman dead. In the film’s final scene, the dirt on Kent’s coffin begins to rise.

Played by: Henry Cavill

Currently, Superman is: Dead, but give it a minute.

Where will we seem him next? Justice League.