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Scott Glenn as Stick in Marvel's Daredevil

Who he is: Stick, a blind martial arts master who works with an organization called the Chaste.

His power: General martial arts badassery, and despite his blindness, he’s able to perceive the world in a way similar to Daredevil thanks to years of training. He has no literal superpowers, though.


His story: Not much is known about Stick, but as seen in Marvel’s Daredevil, he was born blind and learned to focus his other senses well enough to become a martial arts master. At some point, he joined up with the Chaste to help on the organization’s quest to destroy the Hand. Hoping to raise someone to become the ultimate warrior, Stick recruited a girl named Elektra, taught her to fight, and helped her harness her insatiable bloodlust and general fondness for violence. He later sent her away to protect her from the Hand, moving on to a young boy named Matt Murdock who—despite also being blind—displayed a superhuman-level of control over his other senses. Intending to eventually recruit him into the Chaste, Stick trained Matt Murdock how to fight and how to control his senses, but when the boy’s inherent goodness made it clear that he wouldn’t have the guts to be the killer that Stick needed, he sent him away.

Stick next popped up more than 20 years later, when Murdock had become a masked vigilante beating up criminals in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. Stick asked for Murdock’s help destroying a Hand weapon known as Black Sky, but when Murdock realized that the weapon was actually a small child, he turned his back on his old mentor. Before leaving, Stick gave him a pair of weapons that would eventually form the basis of Daredevil’s iconic billy clubs.

Stick later returned to Hell’s Kitchen to help Daredevil save Elektra from the Hand, believing the two of them could work together to help the Chaste, but Elektra said she’d rather stay with Murdock and help him in his mission to protect New York without killing anyone. Believing his former apprentices to be weak, Stick abandoned them, tried to kill Elektra, and later got himself captured by the Hand. Daredevil rescued him and stopped Elektra from killing him, and they decided to leave him behind to face the Hand themselves. Elektra was killed in the ensuing battle (or was she?), and Stick eventually showed up to help Daredevil-slash-murder some Hand ninjas. With the Hand temporarily defeated, he returned to wherever he came from.

Played by: Scott Glenn

Currently, Stick is: Probably scowling at people and waiting for the day when the Hand resurfaces.


Where will we see him next? In The Defenders.

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