Chris Pine as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman (2017)

Who he is: Steve Trevor

His power: No powers, other than the ones he possesses by virtue of being a man in a man’s world. Also, he’s a soldier, so he’s probably good at soldier stuff.


His story: Steve Trevor is an officer in the United States Air Force who crash-lands on the island of Themyscira. He is found by Diana, an Amazon who has never seen a man before and takes a bit of a liking to him. At some point after that, the two of them head to Europe together to help fight in World War I, with Diana doing most of the fighting on her own. In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, an old photo is shown of Steve Trevor and Diana in Belgium during the war.

Played by: Chris Pine

Currently, Steve Trevor is: Either dead or very old.

Where will we see him next? Steve Trevor will make his debut as the token man in Wonder Woman.