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Spy spouses face off in this Meet The Skrulls #4 exclusive

All images: Marvel Comics

Raising a family is tough, but it gets even harder when everyone in the family is a spy who relies on deceit to accomplish their mission. The Meet The Skrulls miniseries is a domestic drama with a sci-fi espionage twist, introducing a Skrull family living undercover on Earth to infiltrate human society. Written by Robbie Thompson with art by Nico Henrichon, color assistant Laurent Grossant, and letterer Travis Lanham, Meet The Skrulls has some strong similarities to FX’s The Americans, balancing disguise-based spy intrigue with grounded family interactions that reveal how shared trauma pushes these members apart.

Cover by Marcos Martin

A big difference between the two stories’ family dynamics is that all the Skrull children know that they are spies from the very beginning, and the clash between the lives these characters want as American teenagers and what is expected of them as soldiers in a cosmic war creates a lot of tension in the narrative.This exclusive preview of next week’s Meet The Skrulls #4 has this tension exploding when the family comes home to find the youngest daughter, Alice, beaten and bloody after killing a Skrull hunter. This excerpt starts with a quick flashback showing the mother and father fighting for the Skrulls on a Kree planet, starting the chapter with a rush of adrenaline and a tender connection before the tone takes a drastic shift.

Henrichon is a phenomenal artist who has become a consistent presence at Marvel Comics, and Meet The Skrulls showcases how well he depicts sci-fi spectacle, suspenseful spy snooping, and emotionally charged character moments. Gloria’s enraged beatdown of her husband is depicted with scratchy, forceful linework that intensifies each hit, building intensity until the title splash page stops the fight to reveal the daughters in states of shock and despair. The personal toll of this undercover mission becomes greater with each day, and even if the Skrulls make it out alive, they’ve developed a lot of painful scars along the way.

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