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Shingen Yashida

Who is he? Shingen Yashida

His power: Shingen Yashida has no superpowers but is an accomplished martial artist.


His story: Appearing in The Wolverine, Shingen Yashida just wants his daddy to love him, or at least give him all his money when he dies. Too bad that’s not what his father, Ichirō Yashida, has planned. Shingen always felt underappreciated by his father, and his resentment intensifies when Ichirō seemingly dies and leaves his wealth to Shingen’s daughter, Mariko. Shingen works with Mariko’s fiancé, Noburo Mori, and the Yakuza to steal his daughter away from her new protector, Wolverine, but he’s just as bad at supervillainy as he is at fatherhood. Mariko is captured from her father’s clutches by the Black Clan and taken to her actually-alive grandfather, and then Wolverine and Yukio show up at the Yashida home to eliminate Shingen after he gives up the information they need. Logan is initially going to spare Shingen’s life, but when the man refuses to give up his attempts to kill the unkillable Wolverine, he ends up on the receiving end of the mutant’s adamantium claws.

Played by: Hiroyuki Sanada

Currently, Shingen Yashida is: His current status is unknown following the timeline changes of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but he’s probably in Japan, failing at raising his young daughter because he’s too busy longing for his father’s fortune.

Where will we see him next? Logan was probably the character’s last chance at the big screen. Sorry, Shingen.

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