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Adnan Syed, the subject (one of them, anyway) of Serial’s first season, got another day in court last week—actually several days. Syed was granted a hearing for post-conviction relief, based on the argument that his counsel was ineffective and that new cell phone evidence was available that hadn’t been considered. (Specifically a fax cover sheet.) Part of the counsel argument involved Asia McClain, a fellow student who offered Syed an alibi but who was never called to testify at the original trial. Sarah Koenig was on hand for most of the hearing, after which she reported back to Serial HQ via telephone in a closet. Three short episodes are available, but the latest episode of The Serial Serial, below and on iTunes, offers our reaction to all of them at once. The judge who heard the new evidence is expected to issue a written ruling at some point in the near future, but nobody wants to speculate as to whether that means a couple of days or a couple of weeks.


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