Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class (2011)

Who he is: Sebastian Shaw, a.k.a. Dr. Klaus Schmidt

His power: Sebastian Shaw can absorb all kinds of energy without any harm to himself (or his clothes) and then redirect that energy with immense destructive force.


His story: Shaw is one of those villains who wants to destroy the world so his kind can dominate, even if it means taking over a planet ravaged by nuclear Armageddon. He first appears in X-Men: First Class as a Nazi scientist, Dr. Klaus Schmidt, who has Erik Lehnsherr’s mother killed in front of him to test out the boy’s developing mutant powers, setting Erik on a path of vengeance that leads to Shaw in 1962. After World War II, Shaw opens the Hellfire Club, a gentleman’s club that allows him to gain influence in political spheres; he tries to manipulate the course of current events to incite nuclear war. When the CIA starts recruiting young mutants to fight the Hellfire Club, Shaw and his enforcers show up to thin the herd by killing Darwin and recruiting Angel Salvadore, and then Shaw enacts his master plan by having Russia transport missiles to Cuba. Thus begins the Cuban Missile Crisis, which ends when Charles Xavier hijacks the mind of a Russian sailor to launch a missile that destroys the other Russian ship. Magneto finally gets his hands on Shaw after he pulls the man’s submarine from underwater; he savors his revenge when he kills Shaw by penetrating his skull with the coin he gave Erik as a tormented child.

Played by: Kevin Bacon

Currently, Sebastian Shaw is: Presumably dead, though he could have somehow survived his death by pocket change.


Where will we see him next? There are no plans for Sebastian Shaw to return, and with the intensifying rage of Magneto through the years, Shaw probably wants to stay out of the picture if he’s somehow alive again.