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Deathstroke debuted as an archenemy for the Teen Titans, and he’s maintained an antagonist relationship with the team and its different iterations throughout the years. Slade Wilson’s connection to Damian “Robin” Wayne drives the current “The Terminus Agenda” crossover between Deathstroke and Teen Titans, taking advantage of the work writer Christopher Priest has done amplifying the conflict between the hired killer and the leader of the Teen Titans. The story is a reckoning for Damian, who has illegally imprisoned supervillains underneath the Titans’ base, and he bites off more than he can chew when he adds Slade to his collection. This sets into action a course of events with major repercussions for both characters, and DC successfully uses Deathstroke’s crossovers with the Titans to deliver turning points for the supervillain.

“The Terminus Agenda” ends with a bang, and the conclusion kicks off with Robin coming to face-to-face with the rogues he caged like animals. This exclusive preview of this week’s Deathstroke #43 has Slade leaping to Damian’s rescue after the prisoners launch their attack, but first there’s a one-page flashback to Damian’s training with the League of Assassins, establishing the brutal childhood that shaped Damian’s prickly personality and worldview. Artist Carlo Pagulayan, inker Jason Paz, colorist Jeromy Cox, and letterer Willie Schubert have been with Priest since the beginning—making Deathstroke the only Rebirth title that has retained its original creative team—and the visuals are completely in sync with Priest’s voice and the rhythm of his scripting. These pages quickly establish high personal stakes and intense forward momentum as the story jumps right into action, unleashing the hell that Damian made for himself. 


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