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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Is Riverdale becoming one of those shows where its holiday episodes are its best? After a spooky Halloween outing this season, the series serves up another winner with its Thanksgiving cornucopia, “The Ice Storm.” Our podcast Dial M For Maple pulls a seat up to the dinner table to dig into a feast of plot, one that won’t leave any Riverdale ‘shippers hungry—Bughead, Varchie, Choni, and even Falice have their own stories this week! Hosts Marah and Cameron are on hand to recap the madness and ask the important questions like: What’s really behind Julian’s glass eyes? Does Mary Andrews have too much fresh produce? And how old is Dodger supposed to be anyway? Elsewhere, we check in on the ascent of Lili Reinhart: Movie Star and Cameron shares why he used to always hate when people called it “Turkey Day.”

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