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After last week’s moving “very special episode,” Riverdale jumps ahead to the start of the school year and, refreshingly, takes things back to basics. That’s right: At least for a little while, that gang’s biggest concerns are boring summer reading assignments, football practice, and throwing raging parties. Normal teen stuff! But it’s in the small details that the show starts to hint at the inevitable rollercoaster of a season it has ahead, and that’s where Dial M For Maple’s gears start turning. Beyond the elephant (Jason Blossom’s body) in the room, hosts Marah and Cameron ponder the ulterior motives of Riverdale High’s new principal, Mr. Honey (Dawson’s Creek’s Kerr Smith), and theorize who might be behind the gossip on the perfectly named Rumordale.com. Plus, we share our confusion over the show’s steamiest scene yet, and theorize what a new supporting character’s name could signify about the shady Stonewall Prep.

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