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Despite the past three seasons of costumed killers and eerie unwanted phone calls, “Halloween” marks Riverdale’s first proper episode tied to the titular holiday. To celebrate, the show divides up its main cast and forces most of the teens to live through their own personal hell; it’s a proper goodie bag of “fun size” horror plots! This week, Dial M For Maple tunes in to recap the scariest (Veronica’s run in with the “Family Man Killer”) and weirdest (Mr. Honey’s fascination with Reggie and Kevin) moments of the night, and sits down for a seance with Nana Rose to figure out what’s really going on at Thistle House. Hosts Marah and Cameron debate the logistics of the VHS surveillance plot, and share their confusion over Charles Cooper’s true motives—if that’s even his real name. Plus, Cameron attempts to update us on the Riverdale cast’s TikTok presence, but ends up confused by the app all over again.

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