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Did you just say, “wig”? Well, someone in the Riverdale Hair & Makeup Department sure did, again and again and again! That’s right, it’s the most glorious time of the year: Riverdale’s spring musical episode, a tradition started back in season two with a bloody good take on Carrie: The Musical. And, in keeping with tradition, “Wicked Little Town”—the show’s ode to cult classic Hedwig And The Angry Inch—is another high point for the show, ratcheting up the interpersonal drama and giving our beloved Kevin Keller a true chance to shine. In this week’s Dial M For Maple, we unpack the “Wig In A Box” to highlight our favorite musical numbers and to toss out our theories about those eerie final moments. While hosts Marah and Cameron are no “Barchie” ‘shippers, they’re at least happy to see the show putting in the leg work to convince us that maybe these crazy kids really can’t keep their paws off one another. And, in The Blue & Gold, we catch up on the cast’s dispatches from quarantine.

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