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If this week’s Riverdale seems familiar to longtime listeners of Dial M For Maple, that may be because we pitched an episode just like this on our podcast last season. After nearly four years of serial killers, diabolical family members, cults, and bear attacks, the teens of Riverdale have some serious trauma to unpack. Thankfully, help comes in the form of guest actor Gina Torres—a.k.a. school counselor Mrs. Burble—whose straight talk and thoughtful insights provide the series with a much-needed center of gravity. Hosts Marah and Cameron break down each of Burble’s “cases” and discuss if they feel her advice to the teens is constructive (it is), and whether or not they take the advice to heart (they don’t). We also dive into the candy bowl of delicious fake brand names, and discuss the news that a future episode will see Veronica heading to New York City to officially introduce us to Katy Keene.

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