Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag in Suicide Squad (2016)

Who he is: Col. Rick Flag

His power: No superpowers. He’s just a military badass.

His story: A West Point graduate and longtime U.S. soldier, Rick Flag is introduced in Suicide Squad as a special forces officer tasked with leading Task Force X, the group of supercriminals organized by government agent Amanda Waller to be deployed for missions considered especially difficult and/or dangerous. He is the boyfriend of Dr. June Moone, the archaeologist who becomes possessed by the supernatural being Enchantress in that film. Flag leads the Task Force X team into Midway City, where they defeat Enchantress and her brother, Incubus, though not without casualties on both sides. By movie’s end, Flag and his team have defeated Enchantress, restoring Moone to her body, and presumably earning a nice three-day weekend off of work.


Played by: Joel Kinnaman

Currently, Rick Flag is: Either still taking some well-deserved rest and relaxation or back to his day job with the military.


Where will see him next? Unknown, but the inevitable Suicide Squad sequel seems like a safe bet.