Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag in Suicide Squad (2016)

Who he is: Col. Rick Flag

His power: No superpowers. Heā€™s just a military badass.

His story: A West Point graduate and longtime U.S. soldier, Rick Flag is introduced in Suicide Squad as a special forces officer tasked with leading Task Force X, the group of supercriminals organized by government agent Amanda Waller to be deployed for missions considered especially difficult and/or dangerous. He is the boyfriend of Dr. June Moone, the archaeologist who becomes possessed by the supernatural being Enchantress in that film. Flag leads the Task Force X team into Midway City, where they defeat Enchantress and her brother, Incubus, though not without casualties on both sides. By movieā€™s end, Flag and his team have defeated Enchantress, restoring Moone to her body, and presumably earning a nice three-day weekend off of work.


Played by: Joel Kinnaman

Currently, Rick Flag is: Either still taking some well-deserved rest and relaxation or back to his day job with the military.

Where will see him next? Unknown, but the inevitable Suicide Squad sequel seems like a safe bet.