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Rhomann Dey

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Who he is: Rhomann Dey

His power: No powers, just an average Xandarian, which seems pretty close to being human, honestly. We can’t discern any real differences.


His story: Rhomann Dey is a member of the Nova Corps, the protectorate charged with keeping the peace and defending planet Xandar. He arrests Peter Quill at the beginning of Guardians Of The Galaxy, where it’s revealed this isn’t the first time they’ve met. He processes Quill and the others, shipping them to the prison known as Kyln. After Quill and the others decide to attack Ronan The Accuser in hopes of stopping him from destroying Xandar, Quill contacts Rhomann and informs him of Ronan’s intentions, while also revealing the Guardians’ plan to stop the Kree fanatic. Rhomann informs Nova Prime Irani Rael of Quill’s plan, and suggests she trust the outlaw. Dey’s family is saved by the Guardians’ actions, and by film’s end, he informs them they’ve been pardoned—but warns that they probably shouldn’t steal anything or kill anyone, regardless.

Played by: John C. Reilly

Currently, Rhomann is: Still a member of Nova Corps on Xandar.

Where will we see him next? We may not—he’s not listed in the cast for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

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