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Who she is: Psylocke, a.k.a. Betsy Braddock

Her power: Depending on the timeline, Psylocke is either a teleporter or telekinetic, and she can use her telekinesis to create an arsenal of psychically charged weaponry.

Her story: A teleporting character named Psylocke appears in X-Men: The Last Stand as a member of Callisto’s Omegas, but she has no backstory and powers that are completely different from the comic-book Betsy Braddock. A more familiar Psylocke debuts in the new timeline of X-Men: Apocalypse, and while the costume and psychic powers resemble the Psylocke on the page, the character continues to be a mystery. She’s working with the mutant Caliban when she meets Apocalypse, who gives her a power upgrade and an unfortunate makeover that forces her to visit the concentration camp at Auschwitz in a one-piece swimsuit. The movie hints that she has a past relationship with fellow horseman Angel, but that bond is never fully explored before Angel dies. When Apocalypse is defeated, a bitter Psylocke slinks away, perhaps to find herself some kind of story to make her interesting.

Played by: Meiling Melançon in X-Men: The Last Stand; Olivia Munn in X-Men: Apocalypse


Currently, Psylocke is: She doesn’t look too happy at the end of Apocalypse, so she’s probably plotting some sort of revenge against the X-Men. Or she just went back to Caliban to get a steady paycheck again.

Where will we see her next? Psylocke isn’t confirmed for any future X-movies, but there are probably future plans for her if she was kept alive in this movie. She’s also a fixture of ’90s X-Men comics, so it’s likely she will return for the next X-sequel set in the ’90s.

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