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Perry White

Laurence Fishburne as Perry White in Man Of Steel

Who he is: Perry White

His power: Skepticism and editorial authority, but no actual superpowers.

His story: When Man Of Steel begins, Perry White is the long-standing editor of Metropolis’ Daily Planet, sending Lois Lane out on assignment to investigate an anomaly in the Arctic ice. When she comes back with tales of superpowered extraterrestrials, though, White is openly skeptical and refuses to publish the story. Later, when an alien attack ravages Metropolis, White works to help evacuate the Daily Planet building, before later introducing Lois to his latest hire, Clark Kent.


In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, White is once again in an obstructive role, trying to direct Clark away from investigating Gotham’s Batman. He’s then seen in the film’s finale, mourning the deaths of both Superman and Clark.

Played by: Laurence Fishburne

Currently, Perry White is: Faithfully publishing the Daily Planet, despite the loss of one of his star reporters.

Where will we see him next? Unknown, but given that most of the extended Superman family is showing up in Justice League, it’s not impossible he’d put in an appearance.

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