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Our Riverdale podcast says goodbye to Principal Honey and season four

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And so we close another chapter of Riverdale. The early episodes seem so long ago—that lovely tribute to Luke Perry, Julian the porcelain doll, Chad Michael Murray on a rocket—and, yet, there’s no denying the fact that season four wrapped things up a little too quickly. That being said, “Killing Mr. Honey” ends things on a satisfying note, bringing most of the principal cast together to take down their principal, the maybe-not-completely-wrong Holden Honey. As directed by Mädchen Amick, the episode offers up a fun take on the revenge fantasy while still leaving plenty of threads dangling in the mystery of the VHS voyeur (what’s a Riverdale season finale without a cliffhanger anyway?). As usual, Dial M For Maple recaps all of the madness, and ponders what lies ahead for our beloved show in these COVID-19-stricken times. Hosts Marah and Cameron share their elation with an overdue Nana Rose appearance, continue to stan Mrs. Bell, and wonder if Jughead has it in him to write something truly original. And, in our final Blue & Gold of the season, we evaluate Cole Sprouse’s quarantine facial hair and unpack the rumors of an early season six renewal.

If you’re a Riverdale fan, you’ll definitely want to give Dial M For Maple a listen. You can subscribe here, and can even drop us a review over on Apple Podcasts. As always, we’re taking comments and questions on Twitter, so just hit up @DialMForMaple, and we’ll see it.


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