Photo: Dean Buscher (The CW)

With “Brave New World,” Riverdale’s second season puts on its red leather jacket and rides off into the sunset. And, for once, all looks hunk-dory—until it doesn’t! Though our favorite “meddling friends” wrap things up on peaceful terms, trouble is a’brewing in the form of Riverdale’s own League Of Doom, which has Dial M For Maple salivating for an even campier season three. This week, Cameron is thrilled to welcome special guest host LaToya Ferguson, The A.V. Club’s preeminent Riverdale scholar. The two chat about Veronica’s shortsighted plan to get back at her father, ponder what’s going on behind Polly’s glassy eyes, and try to start a new hashtag: #MakeYourBones. Plus, we go long looking back on the arc of season two, discussing the lows (Archie the Capo), and the highs (Archie the dancer).

And that’s a wrap on Dial M For Maple for the season—we’ll be taking a bit of a hiatus for now, but we plan to return when Riverdale starts back up in the fall, and hopefully for The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina when it hits Netflix. In the meantime, keep an eye out for us; we hope to pop up from time to time with some special episodes. And, on behalf of Cameron, Marah, and our guest hosts, thank you to everyone for tuning in! We love talking about Riverdale, but it’s really hearing from our listeners that makes Dial M For Maple worth it.

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For further thoughts on all of the mayhem in Riverdale, check out our colleague LaToya Ferguson’s excellent TV Club reviews.