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Our Riverdale podcast is positively tickled by the show's crazy new episode

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We never imagined we’d be walking away from Riverdale’s big “Quiz Show” wanting to talk about tickling fetish videos, but here we are! Though this week’s episode throws a few curveballs at the audience, none were quite as wild and unexpected as what Kevin Keller gets into on his “Grind’em” date. As Dial M For Maple grapples with whether or not this plot finally gives us #JusticeForKevin, hosts Marah and Cameron dive into a twisty plot that shakes things up for the Bughead ‘shippers and sees Veronica and Cheryl’s maple rum business make some questionable choices. Elsewhere in the podcast, we break down Riverdale’s exciting Hedwig And The Angry Inch musical news, contemplate crossovers with Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, and Cameron explains why the creepy documentary Tickled portends bad things for Kevin’s current situation.

If you’re a Riverdale fan, you’ll definitely want to give Dial M For Maple a listen. You can subscribe here, and can even drop us a review over on Apple Podcasts. As always, we’re taking comments and questions on Twitter, so just hit up @DialMForMaple, and we’ll see it.

Marah Eakin is the Executive Producer of all A.V. Club Video And Podcasts. She is also a Cleveland native and heiress to the country's largest collection of antique and unique bedpans and urinals.

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